VCE Mid-Year Revision notes

VCE Mid-Year Revision notes

Available for Units 3&4 VCE Maths and Science subjects

These notes have been designed by experienced VCE teachers over a number of years, content is continually modified and updated to ensure it is in line with the latest VCAA study design. They have in-depth revision of the key elements of the course as well as practice questions and solutions. Units 3 & 4 material are covered with the assumption that you have completed Unit 3 and are beginning Unit 4. With over 100 pages of content, these are a fantastic tool to help with your exam revision. These notes are available for Units 3&4 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Maths Methods.

These notes were provided as part of the Neap Winter School, due to the continual positive feedback about our notes we have decided to make them available to students who were not able to attend our Winter School. Notes will be emailed to you in pdf form.

Mid-Year Revision notes are available in the following subjects:

  • Biology Units 3&4
  • Chemistry Units 3&4
  • Physics Units 3&4
  • Psychology Units 3&4
  • Maths Methods Units 3&4